Our Process

The typical treatment of your equipment will undergo these process at our factory:

  • Preparation

    Each item is carefully identified.

  • Washing and Drying

    Commercial washers and dryers are used to thoroughly cleanse each item.

  • Inspection

    Rigorous inspection procedures are used to find any sign of deterioration. Gloves and sleeves are inflated and blankets rolled to assist in detecting flaws.

  • Electrical Testing

    Testing is performed to the relevant ASTM and IEC standards. Leakage current is monitored recorded and documented in your test report.

  • Packaging and Shipping

    Each item is thoroughly dried after testing, given another visual inspection and carefully packed ready for shipment back to your live line crew.

Equipment that fails to pass all our rigorous test procedures is clearly identified and the client is notified. All equipment tested and supplied is maintained on our database, so we have an appropriate register for when equipment is due for its next test.