Live Line Trucks and Equipment Testing

Linesmen's safety is critical during high voltage live line work and relies on properly designed and maintained equipment. Rubber gloves, sleeves and blankets are all that stand between the linesman and tragedy. We ensures that your gloves and barrier equipment are properly maintained by insisting on routine testing and care. Hivotech also provide a range of products to the workplace to help with onsite cleaning and maintenance.

Hivotech's registered test laboratory is equipped with a test machine, custom built by Hanco International (USA), the world's leading manufacturer of glove testing equipment. We offer test and maintenance services for gloves, sleeves and blankets for classes 1 to 4. Test procedures conform to the relevant ASTM and IEC standards and we can tailor specialized programs to suit your needs.

We can arrange to collect your equipment, inspect and test it with care, and then deliver it back to your depot, complete with test report.