IPD’s series of DIN Mount General Purpose Outlets (GPO) consists of three unique models, and they have been designed to sit beside miniature circuit breakers and switchboards for temporary power. These double pole GPO’s are particularly useful when used in power supply applications such as temporary power on construction sites, additional outlets in distribution boards or meter enclosures. To ensure further safety for the end user, safety shutters have been added to these outlets, making them suitable for domestic applications as well as for adapters that may stay unused, under-tension.

This generic mechanism opens shutters only by pressing down both pins simultaneously. Moreover, IPD has introduced an automatic switch function to these GPO’s, eliminating the need for an isolator and making them much lighter, more efficient, and durable. Automatic switch function provides a regulated and variable power supply that automatically stops in case a no-load condition is detected. The DIN Mount GPO series is intended to utilise a 35mm DIN rail to save space and effort of mounting each device or component separately and link internal and external circuits together. The simplicity for identification when wiring in large scale distribution boards is elevated by color coding terminals in these GPO units.

The DIN Mount GPO range from IPD consists of two flat sockets forming an inverted V-shape, plus a vertical earthing socket below them, except for one module that includes a round earthing socket. The live and neutral terminals are color coded with red and black respectively whereas the earthing terminal is green. The socket-outlets are arranged at 120° around a common midpoint, with the live and neutral centered 7.92mm from the midpoint, and the earth centered 10.31mm away, this in accordance with AS/NZS 3112.

Two of the power outlets have a current rating of 10A (including the outlet with a round earthing socket) and for heavier duty applications, a 15A variant has been introduced. In general, only 10A and 15A socket-outlets are used for domestic or commercial appliances. Furthermore, all three variants in the DIN Mount GPO series come with a nominal voltage of 230V and a maximum voltage of 250V as the International Electrotechnical Commission has rationalised the preferred operating range to be within -2% to +6% of 230V, characterising the nominal voltage of most devices to be between 225V to 244V.

IPD’s DIN Mount GPO are tested  and made in accordance to AS/NZS3112:2011 and AS/NZS3133:2013 standards, which covers New Zealand and several other Pacific Island countries. AS/NZS3112 standard has evolved from its initial introduction in 1990 and later mandates have established that live and neutral pins on the plugs sold for use with these socket-outlets to be insulated guaranteeing utmost safety to the general public.

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