Motor breakers, as the name itself implies are used to protect the motor circuit against overload, short circuit, and phase failures by disconnecting the motor and blocking the flow of current. Manual motor starters are thermal and electromagnetic motor breaker devices which are widely used in the industry to secure motor circuits.

Apart from manually switching the motors ON and OFF, the motor starters manufactured by ABB, offer fuseless protection hence saving expenses as well as space. These three pole devices furthermore exhibit their benefits including the compact design, harmonized main accessory range, systematic installation procedure, and simple connecting links to construct direct-on-line (DOL) starters. Additionally, less machine downtime & reduced maintenance cost can be assured due to the equipment protection provided by the manual motor starters.

The main features of ABB’s manual motor starters include manual control, rotary handle operation, adjustable current setting, disconnection function, temperature compensation, test function for testing of the trigger process, DIN rail mounting and up to 100 kA of short-circuit service breaking capacity. Manual motor starters consolidate the functions of several modules such as circuit breakers, overload relays and disconnect switches. Therefore, they are offered with some accessories including auxiliary contacts, signaling contacts, undervoltage releases, shunt trips as well as power in-feed blocks. The features define three main ranges of manual motor starters namely, MS116, MS132 and MS165. Divided accordingly to simplify preference, coordination as well as installation, the above-stated motor starters provide comprehensive benefits fitted for every application.

The MS116 has a standard performance capacity with up to 32A and 15kW (400V AC-3) in width of 45 mm. It is suitable for three-phase as well as single phase applications. It consists of ON/OFF switch positions with clear indication. The MS132 is a type of motor starter with high performance and ratings up to 32A and 15kW (400V AC-3) in width of 45 mm. Furthermore, the MS132 comprises with ON/OFF/TRIP switch positions with clear indication. Apart from the common features, the MS132 contains a handle which is lockable to protect the equipment from unauthorized changes. Corresponding to MS116, the MS132 is suitable for three-phase and single-phase applications as well. The MS165 can be considered as a motor starter which is designed to withstand substantially higher currents than the MS116 and MS132. Accordingly, it is rated up to 80A and 45kW (400V AC-3) in width of 55 mm. Aside from that, the MS165 possesses the same features as the MS132 device.

Accessible to select from a wide range of thermal setting, a guaranteed protection can be expected from the above-mentioned motor breakers. Standardised according to IEC/EN 60947-1, IEC/EN 60947-2, IEC/EN 60947-4-1 and UL 60947-4-1, the manual motor starters by ABB are recognised as top quality products available in the market.

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