The key function of a Switchboard System is to securely distribute electricity by dividing the electrical power supply into branch circuits, while protecting each circuit using a circuit breaker or a fuse in an enclosed common fixture. The fully modular TECHNO switchboard system offers the user reliability and also provides safety to its operators. The flexibility of its design significantly minimizes the time and cost taken for its assembly, modifications, as well as extensions. With a national footprint, IPD has the structure to offer support services nationwide, ensuring that the system is assembled to tests and standards.

IPD’s TECHNO modular switchboard system comprises of framework structural components, external doors & covers, internal parts like escutcheon doors and mounting plates as well as foldable compartments, enabling its assembly to be easy and convenient. The structural members in the framework range from 200mm up to 2400mm assembled easily using 5mm & 6mm head drivers. The busbar system is based on 10mm bars with a 2 bars per phase arrangement. The system offers current ratings up to 7100A, short circuit withstand ratings up to 100kA/1s and operational voltage ratings of 415/690/1000V AC. Doors and covers are fitted with high quality polyurethane formed gaskets offering good sealing for IP ratings up to IP55. The internal segregation which is up to Form 4b includes separation plates, mounting plates and standard compartments that are manufactured as modular and metallic with an IP2X internal degree of protection. All metal parts undergo a thorough pre-treatment process and are then coated with epoxy / polyester powder to a thickness higher than 50µm, giving it high quality finish.

Internal arcing faults can cause serious damage to operators as well as equipment. Good design and assembly processes will mitigate the occurrence of such faults. However, in the event of such a fault occurring, the system must be capable of dissipating the high pressure and energy generated within the switchboard. The TECHNO modular switchboard system has been extensively tested for internal arcing fault containment to the relevant AS/NZS standards and IEC technical reports.  Specially designed filters and venting zones are used to safely disperse and divert the overpressure via chimneys mounted on top of the switchboard while maintaining the IP rating of the switchboard.

Design verified according to AS/NZS 61439–1&2:2016 standards, the TECHNO modular switchboard system offers the best solution in the market to comply with the most stringent specifications. Available ex-stock off the shelf in Grey RAL7032 and Orange RAL2000, it offers quick turnaround times complementing IPD’s efficient services.

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