SOCOMEC’s range of active energy meters consists of six distinct models between single phase and three phase networks. The series is compatible with every type of electrical integration and load with direct readings up to 100A and up to 12000A on the CT. Individually, COUNTIS E0x and E1x models provide significant compactness compared to the rest of this range while COUNTIS E5x model offers a larger screen for clear readings and an integrated test function to avoid installation errors. These bidirectional meters can accurately measure the consumed and stored energy and are designed for reliability and ease of access in industrial and commercial use.

The COUNTIS E2x is the modular energy meter collection that is designed for three-phase networks and allows a direct connection of up to 80A. The E21-E28 range can display the energies (kWh, kVArh, kVA) and other measurements directly on its large and easy to read 8-digit backlit LCD display and navigating the display is easily done via the push-buttons next to the LCD screen. For easy monitorisation, data from COUNTIS E2x meters can be collected via either pulse output, RS485 (MODBUS), M-BUS or an Ethernet Modbus TCP communication output. Furthermore, remote configuration has been made possible for RS485 and ethernet communication models through “Easy Config” software or web server, providing you with access to dual tariffs and more electrical parameters. Dual tariff function reads your energy usage from different sources and measures your energy at various time slots to give a more in-depth view into your energy consumption.

While COUNTIS E21 is a member of the COUNTIS E2x family with all the aforementioned display specifications and dual tariff function, this specific digital kilowatt hour meter has been introduced by SOCOMEC as an economical solution to smaller scale industries and domestic use without any remote configuration access. In addition, COUNTIS E21 provides kWh consumption by way of a pulse output and the fixed pulse weight is 100Wh with a pulse duration of 50 ms ON time and 30 ms OFF time, ensuring an accuracy of Active Energy Class 1(IEC62053-21). COUNTIS E21 is a 3 phase 4 wires energy meter with a voltage specification of 3x230/400V and a reference current of 5A along with a non-volatile FRAM memory to store energy readings.

SOCOMEC has designed the COUNTIS E2x series to be relatively durable with an operating temperature range of -25C to +50C. The physical housing has a case degree of protection of IP20; these energy meters occupy the width of 4 modules (72 mm) and can be accommodated using a DIN rail with minimum vibrations during operation.

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