• OT Switch Disconnectors

OT Switch Disconnectors

Designed to open an electrical circuit by isolating the source from the consumer, ABB offers load break switches which are manual or motorized. These devices ensure the on-load making, breaking and safety disconnection of low-voltage electrical circuits. Easy to assemble and easy to use, they are suitable for structures evolving in the industrial sector, public distribution, as well as emergency switching, distribution panels and motor feeders.

What is the significance of a switch disconnector?

It's a device capable of both switching and isolating a particular load. Hence widely used for maintenance purposes by providing circuit segregation for operational purposes or, with appropriate earthing equipment and application of safety procedures, provides facilities to allow work to be safely undertaken on disconnected and earthed primary electrical equipment. A switch disconnector is a device comprising movable contacts capable of being mechanically closed to form an electrical circuit to other equipment or being mechanically opened to physically disconnect one part of the electrical network from an adjacent part and at the same time provide an isolating distance.

Why ABB switch disconnectors?

IPD offers ABB’s switch-disconnectors, suited for a wide variety of demanding applications. Whether it is for demanding motor load disconnecting or simple isolation applications, consisting of a market-leading product portfolio of switch-disconnectors ranging from 16 to 4000 Amperes in both side and front operated, with a range of pole and cable configurations. The modular structure of switches can serve both manual and motorized applications. These devices also help create purpose-built solutions from directly busbar mountable wide phase models to floor mounted earthing switches, with uncompromisingly high levels of performance and reliability.

For enhanced safety, the range of enclosed safety switches can be utilized. The enclosures are made of high quality, UV resistant materials and the degree of protection is IP65. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Features such as pad lockable handles and cover interlock allow safe maintenance and installation work.

The adjustable shaft (for external handles) and mounting feet, along with snap-on auxiliary contacts and terminal shrouds create considerable savings in terms of installation time and costs. The shaft can be adjusted to various installation depths, which eliminates the need for special cutting tools thereby reducing handle installation time by up to 50%. In addition, switch disconnectors from 160 to 4000 A are exceedingly flexible considering installation orientation. They work just as well when installed horizontally or vertically. The switch disconnectors can be optimized in relation to busbar and cable connections as well as handles and other accessories.

 Designed to be virtually maintenance free across their extended lifespan, ABB switch disconnectors are tested excessively under UL/IEC/CSA standards to meet global quality requirements and ensure durability. 2021. Switches, Switch-disconnectors OT and OTM. Catalogue OT8GB 07-07. [online] Available at: Click Here [Accessed 2 April 2022]. 

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