• TruONE Automatic Transfer Switches

TruONE Automatic Transfer Switches

The primary purpose of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is to transfer a power supply from its principal source to a backup source when it senses a failure or outage in the principal source without manual intervention. An ATS is designed to activate more long-term power supplies until the primary power source is restored. Usually, ATS units rely on various number of wires and connections to bring several components together and provide a well-rounded service to the end user. ABB’s new TruONE is the world’s first automatic transfer switch to package switch, controller, detachable HMI unit and all the necessary sensors into a single device to simplify design and installation. With improved protection beyond standard requirements integrated into the device, TruONE is built to guarantee steady delivery of power in all conditions. ABB has introduced features like predictive maintenance and condition monitoring to ensure reduced downtime and service costs as well.

Providing ease of access to the customer, ABB has introduced seven communication protocols along with it’s cloud-based services to the ATS unit via the ABB AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager. These advanced connectivity features, together with other ABB devices, make remote plant management simple. Furthermore, TruONE covers a wide voltage range from 200-480V AC (± 20%), reducing the need for panel builders to stock multiple SKUs, saving space in your workstation. While being available in Level 2 (DIP control), 3 (LCD control) and 4 (Touch control) controls, ABB’s new range of ATS devices consist of the most common transition methods; open, delayed and open with overlapping neutral to meet your needs.

These automatic transfer switches are particularly useful in applications that always require a secured power supply such as hospitals, sports arenas, data centers, manufacturing plants and high-rise buildings. The TruONE ATS brings simplicity when it comes to installation in all these applications, requiring only a single wire and a standard enclosure. By fitting a TruONE ATS into an enclosure with four mounting screws to the back panel, a fully operational ATS unit can be created and making a cut-out on the door would give space for the HMI unit, making the installation process 80% faster. ABB has provided automatic commissioning capabilities to the users as well; allowing them to upload pre-made configuration files from their PCs to TruONE, reducing programming time.

The TruONE ATS guarantees safety and protection for the operators by enabling safe emergency manual operation, even under load to ensure continuous functioning. There’s no need for connecting dangerous line voltages to the contact construction, so the risks due to equipment malfunction is reduced. Additionally, the ATS is tested excessively under UL/IEC/GB standards to meet quality requirements globally.

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