• No Bolts Cable Cleat

No Bolts Cable Cleat

Light Duty Polymer Cable Cleat

Ellis Patents’ No Bolts Cleat™ is a fully polymeric, non-metallic, tool-less cable cleat designed for safety and rapid installation. The No Bolts Cleat™, provides short circuit retention and cable protection for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage cable systems. The cleat is manufactured from a high-strength glass-filled nylon specifically formulated to meet stringent Underground specifications and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C with a heavy impact rating. The cleat is suitable for use in harsh environments and is impervious to bi-metallic corrosion due to its non-metallic design.


Why are Cable Cleats necessary?

Cables need to be fixed, retained and supported appropriately in order to ensure continued reliability during the system’s entire lifetime in all loading conditions.

Cable cleats are safety devices designed to cater to these needs and, if installed correctly, will contain the cables that are subjected to the forces generated under a short-circuit provided it is within the maximum system design fault current.

The No Bolts Cleat™ suits single cables, with cable diameters ranging from 18mm to 55mm for industrial and rail cable applications with the maximum short circuit test level peak being 71.7kA and 101kA for stacked cleats and horizontal cleats respectively, with the standard cleat spacing distance of 300mm. However, the phase spacing for stacked cleats and horizontal cleats differ as 75mm and 110mm respectively. The cleat is available with and without a twist foot. A non-twist foot version is used for the first cleat in combination with a standard fixing (M8), for subsequent stacked cleats the twist foot version can be used.

Why Ellis No Bolt Cleats™?

It is the first ever cable cleat to be granted PADS approval by Network Rail. Ellis No Bolts cleat™ is a product that made the entire industry pay attention as it not only met specific customer requirements, but it also tackled and addressed an installation and maintenance issue that affects electrical installations across the world, which was that live cables were needed to be removed from cleats when work was carried around them, and then were required to somehow be placed back between tightly spaced upright studs at regular intervals along the entire run. Ellis addressed the issue by designing a cleat that could be stacked and fixed with a simple quarter turn fixing lock. This allows additional cable runs to be added quickly and easily, without any need to tamper with the existing ones. The rapid-fit quality of the product is further enhanced by the replacement of fixing nuts with a push-fit locking mechanism that securely fastens the lower and top section of the clamp together. It also complies with IEC 61914. 2021. [online] Available at: Click Here [Accessed 22 December 2021]. 

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