• Vulcan+ Cable Cleats

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats

Standard Duty Compact Stainless Steel

Ellis Patent’s range of Vulcan+ TM cable cleats provide moderate levels of short circuit retention and cable protection for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage cable systems in single, trefoil or quad formations. It provides protection against a maximum short circuit level of 134kA when installed at 300mm intervals.

Vulcan+ TM cable cleats are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C with a heavy impact rating, making it extremely suitable for underground installations or in coastal environments.

Why are Cable Cleats necessary?

Cables need to be fixed, retained and supported appropriately in order to ensure continued reliability during the system’s entire lifetime in all loading conditions.

Cable cleats are safety devices designed to cater to these needs and, if installed correctly, will contain the cables that are subjected to the forces generated under a short-circuit provided it is within the maximum system design fault current.

Why Ellis Vulcan+ TM cable cleats?

Vulcan+ TM cable cleats are designed and tested in line with IEC 61914 for cable applications where the highest level of short circuit withstanding and protection is required. The Vulcan+ TM clamps and secures substation and switchgear cabling in both onshore and offshore industrial or hazardous area locations where high levels of corrosion resistance is required as its frame is manufactured from corrosion resistant 316L grade stainless steel.

The cable is supported by a liner manufactured form a low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) material and the closure fixings are manufactured from A4-70 grade stainless steel.

It gets exciting when you get to know our value-added feature

This extremely successful product has been further developed in a manner that broadens its appeal.

Traditionally while ordering a cable cleat, a fixing kit inclusive of fasteners, washers and a channel nut are required to be ordered separately. The new Vulcan+ TM cable cleats with the twist foot feature reduces installation time by three times. This new value-added feature has an extra pad that holds the cleat with the channel nut, so that you can use a pre-assembled cleat, hassle free. Providing reduced installation time and labor savings when installing cable cleats and reduce inventory.

There are single footed versions for cables in trefoil/quad up to 70mm, and double footed versions for cables with diameters ranging from 67mm to 101mm. Nonstandard cleat designs can be supplied upon request. 2021. [online] Available at: Click Here [Accessed 3 December 2021]. 

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