Designed to optimize configuration, ABB’s new range of contactors has managed to offer increased functionality and high-quality performance through reduced number of coils in their AF Dual AC/DC Contactors. The integrated electronically controlled coils offer multiple benefits over conventional alternatives with less product variants to simplify the customers’ logistics and cuts administration costs as well.

Contactors are usually electromagnetically operated switches, and they rely on the voltage running through a coil to create a magnetic field, when the magnetic field is strong enough it will pull in the contactor and by interrupting the coil with a voltage that is too low the mechanical contact returns to the starting position causing a chatter effect. This is where the AF technology stands out with the contactor’s electronic system continuously monitoring the current and voltage applied to the coil. The contactor is safely operated in an always optimized condition and noise free. Apart from forcing the contactor to open cleanly when the input voltage steps outside of the permissible range, it reduces the bounce between open and closed states causing less wear and tear on the contactor.

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The AF Contactor range is a part of one of the widest product offerings on the market, including products for special needs such as bar contactors, GAF and contactors for capacitor switching.

AF contactors are available as 3-pole contactors from 9A up to 1060A AC-3 or up to 2850A AC-1, with AC/DC wide operational voltage range coils. Additionally, the 4-pole version is available from 25A up to 525A AC-1, with AC operational voltage coils, DC operational voltage range coils and AC/DC wide operational voltage range coils. Covering all standard network voltages within 100-250V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, these contactors offer access to global support and immensely benefit international manufacturers. Moreover, by reducing contactor coil energy consumption by up to 80%, panels can be built smaller and transformers more compact.

Protective separation between circuits within AF Contactors is ensured when a single failure does not result in a voltage from one circuit to another. It is achieved by complying with the basic requirement of IEC 609471-1, Annex N. Errors occurred in electrical systems such as bent solder pins, bent or dissolved conductive parts and broken winding wires could be reliably prevented by utilizing these protective separation methods.

To further guarantee customer safety the coils are built with AF technology to handle the surges by themselves through built-in surge suppressors and the surges never reach the control circuit. Neither the surge suppressor nor the actual surge needs to be concerned with anymore.

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