Mar 10
Leave room for more with the New Compact RCBOs

Introducing the new range of Compact RCBOs with switch neutral and Type A RCD capabilities. These can be used for many domestic applications such as;

·         Transportable Buildings – Protection Devices in transportable buildings and caravans are required to switch both the active and neutral         just in case they get connected back to front when power is connected.  Unlike a normal building, being transportable, the power is                 connected and disconnected frequently which is why it is critical to watch for this type of mix up in these buildings. The new range can be       easily applied where there is this sort of need.

 ·         Hospitals – There is now a 10mA version with neutral switching, so these new RCBOs can be used in hospitals as well.

 ·         Temporary Site Power Boards – These require neutral switching for the same reason as transportable buildings. 

What's more it's compact; half the width of their standard counter parts, giving more room for wiring and users can are able to make multiple connections in a confined space.

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