May 05
All New ZFV55 DC Isolators

The ZFV55 DC isolator from IPD is a purpose built DC rated switch ideal for the disconnection of photovoltaic arrays. With its high operating voltage, 1500V DC, it is the perfect solution for switching the DC side of PV inverters. The IPD switch range is tested for compliance with the latest International Standards EN 60947-3 DC21B so you can rely on its quality.

The ZFV55 uses uniquely designed knife contacts for switching. It provides the fast switching operation which is critical to extinguishing the arcs generated by opening PV arrays. Along with the large box terminals the ZFV55 can accommodate up to 16mm2 cable which makes connection a breeze.

The ZFV55 was designed for switching multiple strings and is the ideal solution for commercial PV installations. When fitted in outdoor enclosures with string fuses and surge protection the ZFV55 is the ideal offering when using string inverters.

All IPD DC switches are non-polarised in design. This means the positive or the negative can be connected to either leg without affecting switch performance. All ZFV55 switches are fitted with padlocking handles to provide added safety for system installers.

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