Dec 03
Kit form low current switchboards “OFF THE SHELF”

Evolution 630


Waiting for custom metalwork can blow out your lead times. IPD has just introduced the "Evolution 630" range of kit form low current switchboards. These are designed for faster assembly with minimal drilling and cutting.

 The individual empty modules are available ‘off the shelf' in grey or orange ready to assemble. Pre-assembled modules are also available. Choose from incoming, current transformer, metering, outgoing & cabling modules all ready for you to bolt together.

 This line of indoor switchboard is built specifically for the low current Main Switchboards segment (160A-630A) and has been type tested to 50kA @415V*. Being part of the Evolution distribution board product range, means you have the option of interchanging parts and using them for construction of custom DBs as well.

 Cut your lead times and move onto your next job.

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 *Test report No. TCA 103550 (conditional rating utilizing GE E or G frame circuit breakers as incoming Service Protective Device)