Jun 15
Innovation, Safety and Ease of use. Kept in mind

The comprehensive range of high quality cable laying products from IPD has been designed and developed around innovation, safety, and ease of use to provide the total solution for any cable installation project.

Fibreglass Duct Rods are used as a day to day cable laying product for ease of installation of electrical & data cables. With the added inclusion of a copper wire trace conductor, it doubles up as a detectible locating medium used to provide easy and accurate use for tracing cable or pipe locations, such as water, gas, electrical, sewer and storm water services.  

Fish Rod Sets are innovatively designed to make cable installation fast & easy. Our fish rods are ideal for use in the installation of electric, telephone, audio visual, CATV & datacoms installations. Can be used in all spaces such as new or populated conduits, walls, ceilings & floors.

Non-conductive nylon fish rods can be used in conduits for pulling through light cables, or for attaching a draw line to pull through heavier cables. Ideal for pulling cables through walls & in exposed and populated conduits due to its non-conductive properties.

Cable pulling grips are an effective means of handling cable that needs to be pulled, attached or secured. This range covers all size cables from 10mm to 150mm diameters.

Conduit bending springs suit both light & heavy duty PVC conduits. Made from high quality British spring steel they cover sizes from 20mm to 32mm conduits. We also have a size suitable for Telstra & NBN conduits.

Cable pulling lubricant range provides superior reduction in friction between the cable and the conduit.  Your choice of either a general purpose blue liquid type or clear yellow gel based cable pulling lubricants allow for a cost effective, easy to use solution for any cable installation project.

The pulling lines of Telstra approved Polypropylene rope, 3mm Orange mono braid, or our range of Pull Line for any jetting application.

Included is our range of Pulling Tape which eliminates the additional expense of Jet Line, rope and or winch line combinations. It is an all in one product, being a pull line, a measuring tape, proofing, locating and a winch line. Contributing to an overall cost reduction on labour, inventory and material.  

The IPD Power Conduit Line Blower is a powerful 3 stage unit which will blow line carriers through conduits of sizes up to 150mm diameter over long distances.