Aug 16
Elsteel Techno & AS/NZS 61439-1:2016 Standards

The new AS/NZS 61439-1:2016 standard that covers LV Switchgear & Controlgear assemblies has recently been released. This new standard is set to replace AS/NZS 3439.1:2002 after the crossover period of five years.

This new standard places greater emphasis on testing as the preferred method of proving the performance of an assembly. It includes many changes and additions and will have a significant impact in the way switchboards are designed and built in Australia.

Some of the key differences are listed below -

1.  A Design Verification concept replaces TTA (type tested assembly) & PTTA (partially type tested assembly) concept.
2.  Seven type tests have been replaced by thirteen design verification tests.
3.  New tests to prove constructional compliance that cover resistance to corrosion, resistance to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects, lifting, marking and mechanical impact
4.  The requirements to comply with temperature rise tests are fairly complex. Limits on extrapolation and safety margins (i.e. penalties) are now included for non-tested designs
5.  Restrictions and proof of performance when devices are substituted from design verified tested arrangements
6.  Segregation and identification of responsibilities between the Original Manufacturer (e.g Elsteel) and the Assembly Manufacturer (e.g Mr. Board Builder)

So where does Elsteel Techno stand with all of this? What can IPD offer to the market?

For the past ten years, Elsteel has invested heavily in bringing the Techno Modular System to be fully compliant with the new standards. To date they have successfully conducted several independent design verification tests on LV switchboard systems rated from 400A to 6300A with multiple brands of devices. Two series of tests with our range of GE circuit breakers have also been completed and more tests will be done in the coming months with GE's new range of circuit breakers. The large database of tested Elsteel arrangements gives us the necessary tools of being able to assist our board builders in the design and assembly to offer solutions for just about every application.

Please get in touch with us to find out on how we can be of support to your business.