May 05
DC String Combiner Boxes

IPD releases a new DC String combiner box ideal for industrial and commercial PV systems. The PVDC41 are suitable for 3 and 4 string designs when using string inverters. The PV combiner box from IPD provides overcurrent protection as well as DC isolation point. Fitted with the latest Telergon DC isolator this 4-string combiner is easy to install and quick to connect.

Designed around the latest high current DC switch from Telergon, ZFV55, the IPD combiner box includes multiple knock-out entries for easy installation. The ZFV55 is tested to meet the latest International Standard IEC 60947.3 with switching capability of DC21B. The ZFV55 complies with the requirements of  AS5033 2014.

The Mersen PV fuse links used in this combiner box are tested to the latest fuse Standard IEC 60269.6. This Standard was released in 2011 and is specifically included in the fuse standard to test the cyclic loading and long term reliability of fuses when used in photovoltaic systems.

The enclosure used in the PVDC41 are high-quality Hensel MI enclosures. The MI series is made of material that is UV stablisied and provides a high impact strength. In addition, the material is self-extinguishing, flame-retardant, halogen and silicone-free.