DIN Accessories

IPD offers a wide range of DIN accessories to cater to various customer requirements, consisting of the well-recognised ABB and IPD products. Most of the ABB DIN accessories are compliant to worldwide product standards and includes:
  • Shunt and undervoltage trip units to suit a wide range of DIN mountable circuit breakers
  • Auxiliary contacts with multiple contact configurations
  • Adaptors for DSN201
  • Motor operators to suit S200 MCB range with multiple pole configurations
  • 250V AC changeover switches with and without off position
  • Pushbuttons
  • Indicator lights with multiple colours and configurations, namely single, double and triple
Furthermore, you will find a wide variety of ABB’s padlocking accessories ensuring enhanced safety, handles for rotary operating mechanism and rotary drives to suit S200 and S800 MCB range and spacers such as filler pieces and false poles that come in several modules. ABB’s busbar system includes 10mm2, 16mm2 and 60mm2 cross sectional buscombs with varying number of pins to suit a wide range of DIN mountable circuit breakers.


IPD’s DIN accessories include an emergency lighting test switch which consists of open and enclosed types, external lighting control kits which consists of different operating mechanisms using mechanical and digital time clocks and PE cells. DIN mountable General Purpose Outlet (GPO) and pole fillers are some notable accessories that IPD offer. ABB’s insulated feed-in connectors cater to various cable sizes ranging from 25mm2 to 50mm2 and are available in several connection types such as Pin/Lateral Pin and Tunnel type for the chassis. These feed in connectors suit the ABB buscombs that feature in relevant applications.

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