Enclosed Switches

Switches are an essential part of the electrical distribution system as they are present at all levels and allow to secure and isolate parts of the circuit. They are used to ensure both an emergency stop function and for isolation during cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. Enclosed switches provide protection to the device in terms of higher levels of ingress protection and protects the user against accidental starting of electrical machines.


IPD offers enclosed switches with a voltage rating 415V and current ratings from 160A to 400A suitable for two utilization categories namely AC-22A and AC-23A. Cable entries are permissible through the bottom gland plate. The enclosure comes in two choices of material namely polyester with RAL7035 smooth finish and mild steel RAL7035 ripple finish.

Utmost protection against is offered against harsh weathers and it is suitable for outdoor installation due to the IP66 rated enclosure along with an IP65 rated pad lockable handle in off position. IPD offers C&S’ IP65, aluminium enclosed switches with a voltage rating of up to 690V and current ratings from 25A to 100A with two pole configurations namely 3P+N and 4P.
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