Earthing Points

In an electrical installation, an earthing point or an electrode connects specific parts of that installation with the Earth’s conductive surface for safety and functional purposes. Earthing points are part of an earthing system and thus offer personal protection under steady-state or fault conditions, operational protection in the electrical system, potential grading earthing, electromagnetic pulse protection, and many more.

Usually in directly earthed and effectively earthed systems, every available neutral point is earthed. Aberrations from this occur when the transformer’s neutral points are left unearthed. This is done to limit the maximum earth fault current which can arise to reasonable values.

IPD offers DEHN’s wide range of earthing points that adhere to international standards (EN/IEC 61230). The earthing points are available in straight or angled ball points and come in female thread and threaded bolt and nut configurations. The short-circuit rating of the fixed ball points is achieved by using earthing and short-circuiting (E & S/C) devices.

Browse IPD’s range of earthing points online below. If you would like to find out more information about our earthing points range, get in touch with us on 1300 556 601 today.
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