Manual Changeover Switches

A manual changeover switch is used to manually transition from the main source of electrical supply to the generator or an alternate source in case of a power outage and prevents the power flowing back into the generator or grid. IPD offers ABB’s wide variety of manual changeover switches, which are available in open transition from 16 to 3200 Amperes in range. Base mounting is available for all ampere ranges, where DIN mounting is available for ranges up until 125 amperes.

Our products are reliable in extreme conditions as they are equipped with a comparative tracking index (CTI), and energy efficient due to the one pole construction, meaning one line per power line, reducing power loss and eliminating the additional use of fixing sets. The adaptable and modular construction makes way for various arrangements of poles and handles, which can possibly include an adjustable periscopic shaft creates unique space saving solutions for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, usage of the next biggest handle size to what is specified is permitted, refrain from using a handle longer than that. For example, if you have a 160 A change over switch (OT160E03CP) with a 65 mm pistol handle OHB65J6E011, you can also use a 95 mm handle OHB95J12E011. Handles with length 125 mm and longer are not allowed. 

No. It is a must that change-over and transfer switches be ordered as specific 3 or 4 pole version and no alterations are permitted later on.

A wide range of bridging bars are offered solely for this purpose. They require to be ordered separately.

The small handle knob in the switches from 16A to 125 A is just for position indication, not for operation. An operating handle and shaft need to be ordered separately. 

The terminal covers provide a IP20 degree of protection only from the front. In order to enhance protection, it is recommended to create transparent plex to cover the connections to secure the gap between lines and the terminal covers.

Manual Change-over switches by ABB come with a real one pole construction even in higher ratings (one line per power line), facilitating savings in terms of energy consumption by lowering power loss. The usage of additional fixing sets in order to do connections is eliminated due to the presence of a single terminal per pole. 

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