AutoCorrect Technology

Socomec’s innovative power monitoring software, AutoCorrect, introduces a new level of system reliability by solving the commonly experienced issue of wiring errors. This feature ensures your equipment remains in optimal condition, whilst preventing time-consuming and costly on-site adjustments. The AutoCorrect technology features automatic wiring control, correction of errors and feature off-load thus, guaranteeing your system runs smoothly day-to-day.

PreciSense Technology

Socomec’s PreciSense technology ensures the highest degree of accuracy when obtaining measurements across a power monitoring system. The 100% guaranteed reliability of measurements across the global measurement chain, means you can have the confidence to make relevant corrective actions when necessary.

VirtualMonitor Technology

Socomec’s VirtualMonitor technology, enables easy installation and access to monitoring of all protection devices. This simple, cost-effective solution is capable of providing remote and real-time monitoring, without the inclusion of extra hardware or wiring.

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