A High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) fuse safely stops an over-current in an electrical circuit and this over-current may be substantially higher than the normal operating current of the circuit. HRC fuses are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and electrical specifications. The different types of HRC fuses are intended to protect circuits in specific applications. The materials and construction of an HRC fuse determines the opening speed and normal current handling capability of the fuse. An HRC fuse must be replaced when it is blown.

Since AS2005 & BS88 are based upon IEC269, it includes the same utilization classes, each of which is defined by a two-letter code.

The first letter indicates the breaking range of the fuse link, as follows: ‘g’ full range breaking capacity fuse link. ‘a’ partial range breaking capacity fuse link.
The second letter indicates utilization category, as follows: ‘G’ Fuse link for general application, including the protection of motor circuits. ‘M’ Fuse link for protection of motor circuits.

The standards combine these letters to recognize three classes i.e., gG, gM and aM. All type ‘T’ fuse links are classified as either gG or gM, and so have a full range breaking capacity.


Most of the HRC fuses are built for use in industrial applications where cables and machinery need protection at higher voltages and amperages. Therefore, the majority of HRC fuses are often rated at 415V or higher. HRC fuses are available in all element speeds ranging from semiconductor protection which requires a very fast acting fuse to motor protection that requires a comparatively slow acting fuse.  

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