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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the significance of the NYSOL8 chassis? 

      The new range of isolator chassis NYSOL8 built to comply Australian standards AS/NZS IEC 60947.3 and AS/NZS 61439.2 is a special chassis where each tee-off has a switch built into it. A person who has to add, remove or replace a circuit can isolate the tee-off before touching the breaker, so they can work on the chassis while it’s live, suitable for applications where uninterrupted power supply is necessary as in hospitals and data centers. 

      What does the NYSOL8’s busbar disconnection system do? 

      NYSOL8’s busbar disconnection system permits unused outgoing poles to be electrically isolated from the main supply via a slider switch. The result is enhanced protection against direct contact with live parts during testing, commissioning, and retrofit applications. The slider switch is directly adjacent to the tee-off, ensuring that the correct isolator for that circuit is switched. 

      What is the range of Isolator chassis available? 

      The isolator chassis has a rated current of 250A and comes in various sizes from 12 to 96 poles. Additional features include large main connection tags and spring-loaded tee-off covers, where the disconnector requires a tool; it can’t be finger operated. 

      What is an encapsulated chassis system? 

      An encapsulated chassis system is an enclosed busbar system which reduces potential hazards for electrical maintenance workers with an enclosed system and shrouding of live parts providing protection against direct contact. 

      What is the range of encapsulated chassis available? 

      The encapsulated chassis has a 250A/400A enclosed current rating, is available in 3, 3P+N phases or DC system to suit all standard electric circuit protection MCBs, RCBOs and comes in various sizes from 12 to 120 poles, in 18mm or 27mm pitch to suit ABB’s S200 and S800 circuit breakers respectively. Connection tags are spaced to directly connect onto 250A isolator or MCCB. Chassis can be mounted with bases touching to form a split chassis. 

      How is flexible power supply connection ensured in encapsulated chassis? 

      Direct Tee-off feed sections available to allow assembly of 3-way or even 4-way split chassis, allowing customers to choose whether they opt for top, bottom, universal or Tee-off installation. 

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