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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1.What are the accessories available for Miniature Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Devices?

      The System pro M compact is the market's most comprehensive line of miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices. This well-established system includes all of the necessary accessories to complete your installation.

      Busbars, auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases, and motor operating devices are among the accessories available.

      2.What is the significance of the automatic switch function in the General-Purpose Outlet (GPO)?

      IPD has introduced an automatic switch function to these GPOs, eliminating the need for an isolator and making them much lighter, more efficient, and durable. The automatic switch function provides a regulated and variable power supply that automatically stops in case a no-load condition is detected.

      3.What is the available range of DIN mountable General-Purpose Outlets (GPOs)?

      Two of the power outlets have a current rating of 10A (including the outlet with a round earthing socket) and for heavier duty applications, a 15A variant has been introduced. In general, only 10A and 15A socket outlets are used for domestic or commercial appliances. Furthermore, all variants in the DIN Mount GPO series come with a nominal voltage of 230V and a maximum voltage of 250V.

      4.What standards do the DIN mountable General-Purpose Outlets (GPOs) adhere to?

      IPD’s DIN mount GPOs are compliant with the Australian AS/NZS3112 standard and have evolved from its initial introduction in 1990 and later mandates have established that live and neutral pins on the plugs sold for use with these socket outlets to be insulated guaranteeing utmost safety to the public.

      5.What are the operating mechanisms available under accessories?

      Motor Operators to suit the S200 series, pad-lockable devices, rotary handles, drive suits, and other application specific accessories.

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