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      What is the expected power of charging for each Electric Vehicle (EV)?

      Depending on the car model, a charge can be completed with up to 22 kW (32 A) of power. The vehicle's technical data displays the charging power.

       How can I find out which EV charging station I have an what features it has, such as DC fault detection, an energy meter, WLAN or RFID?

      The EV Charger’s product name can be used to determine the charging station type and its features. The “Operating instructions” describe how to derive this information. The product designation (Example: KC-P30-ES240032-000-xx) is found on the type plate.

      How much power must be connected to each ABB EV charging station?

      There is no set value for the linked load; instead, it depends on the connected load that is available. The connected load for each ABB electric vehicle charging station is limited to a maximum of 32 A. Using the DIP switches in the housing, the maximum allowable current (10 A, 13 A, 16 A, 20 A, 25 A, and 32 A) can be set.

      What regulations must be followed when installing in an ABB wallbox EV charging station underground garage?

      • Official requirements
      • Fire service regulations (ventilation systems, emergency shut-off devices)
      • When using GSM, check the signal strength beforehand
      • Steel conduit pipes should be used for surface installation when laying power supply cables and network cables (sabotage-proof)

      Are routine system tests necessary for ABB mounted car charges?

      System testing must be done on an regular basis and in conformity with local laws for all EV charging stations, wall mounted or otherwise.

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