• Fully compliant modular switchboard system

Fully compliant modular switchboard system

Switchboards are used to distribute electricity into various circuits whilst providing protection through a circuit breaker or fuse in a common enclosure. Designing and establishing a state-of-the-art switchboard for your application is important for the protection of your electrical system, by ensuring that the incoming electrical load is properly managed throughout the entire system safely.    

IPD offers a complete solution for switchboard builders across the country, with the Techno modular system.  Techno is a fully modular system that enables switchboard builders to assemble design verified boards to meet the most stringent specifications. Being truly modular, Techno provides flexibility in the switchboard construction, offering solutions to various installations and site conditions.   

Across Australia, the Techno modular system has been built and installed in various industry projects including the M5 East Tunnel, Parramatta Rail Link, RAAF Base Williamtown, Melbourne Water, Alfred Hospital, Brisbane Harbour Cruise Ship Terminal, Townsville Waste Water Treatment Plant, Perth Metro Rail, Curtin University, Newmont Granites Gold Mine, RIO TINTO Bell Bay Smelter, Playford Power Station, just to name a few, highlighting the high quality and strong demand for the Techno system in various industry projects.  

The Techno modular system is fully compliant with AS/NZS 61439, the new LV switchgear & controlgear assemblies standards and has been tested with multiple major device brands to offer a choice of solutions to the customer.  IPD offers a support system for the assembly manufacture with help from our dedicated team of engineers to ensure the switchboard is compliant and also provides training and accreditation on how to build the system to meet the national standards.  

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The Techno system has been tested for internal arcing fault containment in Australia and Europe to both the relevant AS/NZS and IEC standards. The system’s design is such that when a fault occurs the overpressure is safely dissipated by using specially designed filters and vented out via chimneys installed at the top of the switchboard while continuing to maintain the IP rating. The modularity of the system makes it easy to assemble and allows future extensions and/or modifications to be done with minimum time or cost impact. IPD carries a large stock profile nationally so that orders can be fulfilled off-the-shelf which allows assembly manufacturers meet short deadlines. 

Additionally, to assist you in creating the right switchboard for your application, IPD has a range of software tools available to trained and accredited users, including drawing and design software and design verification assistance software, making sure your switchboard design is compliant under the AS/NZS 61439 standards. For more information on the Techno modular switchboard, contact an IPD representative on 1300 556 601 or