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Hirschmann's industrial communications range offers the reliability, security and redundancy required to make a winning bet on your industrial network investment. Featuring a robust design and advanced components, Hirschmann is a well-placed bet on minimising risk, maximising returns, and overall ensuring the long-term success of your industrial operations.

Ensure reliability withManaged Switches

Bobcat Managed Switches ensure enhanced network control which you can rely on. From intelligent network segmentation to Quality of Service (QoS) prioritisation, Bobcat Switches enable you to fine-tune your network reliable performance.

  • Long life reliability

    5 years warranty by default. Long MTBF Exceptional lifespan

  • Advanced security features

    Including wire-speed Access Control Lists (ACL) and automatic Denial-of-Service (DoS) prevention

  • Increased bandwidth capabilities

    Supporting tri-speed fibre SFP slots with 100MB/s, 1 Gigabit and 2.5 Gigabit speeds

  • Robust industrial design

    Ensuring resistance against harsh conditions

The Hirschmann Bobcat Switches are an ideal solution for classic automation applications that require real-time communication, advanced security, and the simultaneous synchronisation of data and information to control operations.

Elevate security withIndustrial Firewalls

Eagle Firewalls are a powerful solution acting as your ultimate line of defence to safeguard your network against cyber threats and unauthorised access. Providing robust security features and advanced threat detection mechanisms, you can trust that your critical assets and sensitive data are shielded from potential risks.

  • Advanced security

    IEC 62443-4-2 certified

  • Ease of integration

    Unique firewall learning mode reduces network interruptions and configuration

  • Heightened performance

    Advanced redundancy features including Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions in the event of a fault

  • Ready for next generation network

    Advanced functionality with unique configuration encryption and several configuration interfaces

The multiport industrial firewalls contains features designed for use in automobile and machine building environments, process automation settings, and the transportation industry, providing network protection within one device.

Redefine redundancy withIndustrial Ethernet Switches

Greyhound GRS100 Ethernet Switches contain an extensive number of standardised and proprietary redundancy mechanisms to meet any requirement, delivering maximum uptime with best-in-class network security. Greyhound Switches are robustly designed for resilience in demanding industrial environments.

  • High port count

    30 available points to meet bandwidth requirements

  • Wide network availability

    Extended range of management features such as comprehensive security mechanisms, redundancy protocols and diagnostic features

  • Future-proof

    Customisable and interchangeable media modules to keep pace with evolving network needs

  • Highly ruggedised

    Built to withstand high temperatures, vibration and electrostatic discharge found in industrial and utility applications

The ruggedised Greyhound Switches have been specifically designed to handle demanding electrical power generation and distribution applications, where ambient temperatures can be extremely high. The devices also perform well in transportation and industrial automation applications, such as conveyor systems.


As a 24x7 industrial operation, our Hirschmann network delivers the robustness and reliability that we need to keep our site running around the clock. Direct integration with our control system alerts us to issues before they become a problem, whilst modular hardware and simple configuration allow our onsite support personnel to address issues quickly and efficiently. IPD have a deep understanding of industrial networking and the Hirschmann product line and were instrumental in the design of our most recent network expansion to over 250 switches. Their ability to deliver equipment ahead of schedule in a challenging supply environment was key to their selection as our preferred Hirschmann support partner going forward.

Ben Bohringer
Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group NCIG

We are constantly challenged to meet our clients' demands for a robust and dependable industrial networking solution. After thorough research and experience, we have discovered that the Hirschmann range of industrial network switches stands out as one of the finest options due to its extensive product selection and focus on industrial cyber security. By combining these cutting-edge switches with IPD's extensive expertise and unwavering support, we consistently deliver best-in-class systems to our valued customers.

Paul Munday
Automation IT

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