High-performance and reliable power supply.

Delta’s renowned UPS range

Protect your critical operations with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) developed by Delta Electronics and distributed by IPD. Our UPS systems offer reliable power protection in case of a power surge, power failure, frequency variation, under-voltage or over-voltage, harmonic distortion and line noise while providing you with peace of mind about your system’s continuity and improving the total cost of ownership.

Don't get caught in the dark. Make sure your power is protected with a UPS from IPD.

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  • 1Leading AC-AC efficiency
  • 2High input and output power factors
  • 3Easy expansion without the need for additional hardware
  • 4Reliability and flexibility
  • 5Reduced downtime for your operation
  • 6Support seamless operations at a low level of the total cost of ownership
  1. Leading AC-AC efficiency
  2. High input and output power factors
  3. Easy expansion without the need for additional hardware
  4. Reliability and flexibility
  5. Reduced downtime for your operation
  6. Support seamless operations at a low level of the total cost of ownership

Communication rooms and cabinets

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right UPS system for your communication room or cabinet, regardless of the size of your application. Our range of UPS systems will provide your communication room or cabinet with the ultimate protection against power disturbances.

Small offices and home offices

We understand that having reliable power for small businesses or home office applications is essential. This is why at IPD, we recommend the Aligon VX series UPS, its innovative design has microprocessor control to provide cost-effective protection for PCs, laptops, POS, and other sensitive electronics.

Industrial control panels in communication rooms

Having a reliable source of power in your industrial control panels is critical for business, and at IPD we offer a wide range of industrial UPS products to make sure your power is protected. It doesn’t matter if you are a small manufacturing plant or a large manufacturing plant or mine; we have the right solution for you.

Small commercial

Retailers cannot afford to lose power due to a surge or failure during the midst of a transaction, which is why IPD has a range of UPS solutions for small commercial applications, providing reliable power protection from high-performance and energy-efficient products.


The Agilon is a single-phase UPS for applications under 1.5KVA. It includes integrated AVR that stabilises output voltage, surge protection, and advanced communication capabilities; this family of UPS are suitable for small offices and home office applications.


The Amplon family comprises of three products that will provide reliable protection for applications that are 1kVA or higher. These products are available in single phase and three phase with a range of communication interfaces, including USB port, RS-232, surge protection and REPO, as well as the feature to extend mini slots for enhanced monitoring and flexibility, With an outpower factor of 0.9 and AVR efficiency of up to 96.5%, the Amplon family provides you with a versatile solution for your application while lowing your total cost of ownership.


The Ultron UPS is a three-phase on-line UPS for 10kVA or higher applications that combines reliable protection, cost-effective power, a compact design and high-level performance for your small to medium-sized data centre and critical power backups. The Ultron has high AC-AC efficiency of over 96%, and in ECO mode this increases to 99%, additionally, it has a low input harmonic distortion of iTHD < 2% that is highly compatible with upstream UPS power without additional filter or generator requirements. It’s user-friendly interface, flexibility and state-of-the-art communications, is the global leading UPS product in the market.


Modulon family is a three-phase modular UPS system for power rating requirements above 15 kVA, providing power protection for critical infrastructure such as data centres and medium to large network equipment. The DPH series within the Modulon family is a highly efficient UPS that is a fully rated power system with a self-synchronized power, control module, and supports dual input through its vertical expansion offering.

IPD is the leading distributor of electrical products. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to offer our customers high-quality products from renowned global brands that are affordable, with stock available and ready to ship out to you today.

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