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At IPD, we provide safe and reliable power distribution solutions no matter which industry you work in. Our products range from circuit breakers to power distribution devices and accessories specifically designed to suit any application. Our products and solutions are engineered for visibility and control whilst keeping energy efficient.

IPD’s Intelligent solutions offer transparency and control over your systems to ensure you stay informed and have the capability to make changes in the system with limited to no delays.

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Our latest smart trip units are exactly what you need when it comes to reliability and efficiency. IPD offers a range of ABB’s SACE® Emax 2 ACB and SACE® Tmax MCCB for all critical power applications, making it easy to find the right product for your business needs.


Our ACB’s boast intelligent protection and monitoring functions all in one convenient and easy-to-use package.

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Our MCCBs are high-quality, accurate, and reliable products and share a common interface with SACE® ABB air circuit breakers.

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Fast-acting and reliable ARC flash protection device designed to protect people and plant.

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The ultimate solution for power reliability. A Fully integrated control system makes installation quick and simple.

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ABB AbilityTM

ABB Proprietary WEB-Based EMS Package offers transparency in your ABB Solution.

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Insite Branch Monitoring System

Compact and reliable advanced monitoring system for sub-circuit loads.

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no matter which industry you’re in.


We understand every moment counts within the healthcare environment. This is why we have designed critical power solutions that provide continuous power with no interruptions. Our automatic switches, such as the ACB/MCCB and TruOne® switch, can be tailor-made to fit your electrical systems solutions to improve energy efficiency whilst ensuring compliance with regulations and providing ongoing maintenance and support.


When it comes to power solutions for airports, our focus is on providing informative and reliable data to help you make informed decisions. With constant movement and day-to-day operations, power supply is critical, which is why we supply power distribution solutions that have been integrated with smart technologies for enhanced efficiency and security, thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply is at the forefront.

Transportation and logistics

Minimise cost by incorporating our smart solutions. IPD understands the importance of efficient transportation and logistics in today’s fast-paced world.

Commercial buildings and infrastructure

Commercial buildings and infrastructure require reliable and efficient power solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations. As a trusted expert in the electrical industry, IPD offers a wide range of expertise and knowledge to meet the power needs of commercial buildings and infrastructure. Our MCCBs would be the perfect solution to your infrastructure needs.

Data Centers

Power distribution is critical to maintaining uninterrupted operations in data centers. IPD is here to share our knowledge and expertise in the electrical industry, providing you with the necessary solutions.

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