Variable Speed Drives

Drive Performance & Energy Efficiency

In the modern era of net zero emission targets, ABB’s variable speed drives (VSD) play a crucial role in the energy transition. IPD’s VSD offering has been designed to provide precise and efficient control of electric motors, helping you to optimise your motor speed and torque to meet changing requirements.

IPD offers a wide range of low voltage variable speed drives to suit your requirements, we are the Master distributor of ABB’s HVAC drives in Australia, and our VSD portfolio extends to include drives tailored for general purpose, machinery, industrial and water/wastewater applications.

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Optimised energy efficiency

Reduce wasted energy and materials by optimising your motor speed and torque.

Improved operational efficiency

Generate labour cost savings by eliminating the need for manual labour.

Savings in capital expenditure

Reduce total cost of ownership and maximise return on investment.

Savings in maintenance costs

Increase life cycle of equipment for reduced downtime.

Low voltage variable speed drives

General purpose drives

Offering all the essential features built-in to simplify drive selection, installation and use, IPD’s general purpose drives are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors and mixers. Providing precise motor control, the general purpose drives are designed to handle various motor types and ratings.

Machinery drives

ABB’s machinery VSDs are tailored for specific industrial machinery applications. Engineered to meet the unique requirements of machines like extruders and presses, these drives offer premium motor control with hardware flexibility, programmability and scalability to integrate seamlessly into the machinery control system.

Water/wastewater drives

Our water/wastewater drives are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of water and wastewater treatment applications. These drives offer reliable and efficient motor control solutions for pumps, mixers, blowers, and other equipment used in water and wastewater treatment processes.

Also available in Ultra Low Harmonic variants.

HVAC drives

IPD is the exclusive distributor of ABB’s HVAC drives which are specifically designed for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. These drives offer precise control over motor speed and torque, providing energy-efficient and reliable operation for HVAC systems.

Also available in Ultra Low Harmonic variants.

Industrial drives

Industrial VSDs are versatile solutions featuring speed and torque control, built-in safety options and advanced control algorithms. These are suited for various industries including manufacturing, mining, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and power generation.

Also available in Ultra Low Harmonic variants.

Regulating motor performance with variable speed drives


Convert incoming AC to DC

The input power is run through a rectifier that converts the incoming AC power to DC power.


Smooth the DC wave

The DC power is fed into the capacitors inside the drive. This effectively smooths out the electrical waveform which provides a clean DC power supply.


Convert DC to variable AC

The VSD calculates the motor’s required voltage and current. The DC power is fed into an inverter producing AC power at the precise voltage and current needed.


Calculate and repeat

The VSD continuously calculates and adjusts the frequency and voltage in alignment with the required power (speed and torque).


Food and beverage

Precise control of processes such as mixing, packaging and conveying

Material handling

Ensuring smooth and energy-efficient operation of conveyor belts and lifts

Rubber plants

Precise control of machinery involved in the production of rubber goods


Precise speed and torque control for pumps, compressors and other equipment


Optimised propulsion systems for efficient operation of ships and reduced fuel consumption


Precise control over vehicle motors to maximise range and energy efficiency


Optimising performance of heavy machinery like crushers, mills and conveyors

Oil and gas

Precise control of pumps and fans to maximise energy savings.


Precise control over pumps and valves, adjusting flow rates and pressure.

Power plants

Ensuring optimal energy usage and maintaining stable operation with efficient control of pumps and turbines

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