PACSystems™ RSTi-EP
CPE 200 Series

Introducing Emerson’s CPE200 series, a revolutionary line up of programmable automation controllers (PAC), that combines a programmable logic controller (PLC) in a condensed, IIoT-ready form factor. This series of compact PACs aims to simplify connectivity to traditional sensors and actuators as well as external analytics software platforms.

Featuring advanced engineering and innovative design, the CPE200 series redefines power management, providing reliable and scalable solutions for the challenges of today’s connected world.

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  • System IO

    Maximum 2048 DIO, 32128 AIO

  • Gigabit Ethernet

    Up to 3x 1000mb ports with multiple interfaces

  • Local IO modules

    Maximum 64 modules

  • Temperature range

    -40 to +70°C

  • Distributed IO

    Maximum 32 Profinet Nodes


CPE100 Series

Rugged Standalone Control

CPE200 Series

Compact Machine Control

CPE300 Series

High-Performance, Scalable Control

CPE400 Series

Securely Connected Edge Control

Programmable Controllers RSTi-EP Series

  • Multiple Module Performing as One

    Powerful CPUs, Communications, Control, I/O and Motion Modules at mission critical -40°C to +70°C Temperatures

  • Wide Range of Local I/O

    Including Diagnostics, High Resolution, Universal Analogs, High Speed Counters / PWM

  • Compact Footprint

    120mm x 50mm, I/O Modules 11.5mm Wide Up to 64 Local & 32 Remote I/O Modules, Max 2048 DIO / 32128 AIO

  • Emerson PACSystems Control Family

    Same Programming and Configuration Software, Same Protocols, Same Diagnostics, Same I/O

  • Layered Approach Supporting

    Future Development PAC Engine Interpreter Runs the User Application

  • Industry Connectivity

    Multiple Ports & Network Interfaces DNP3, OPC UA Secure, Modbus, Profinet

  • Documentation in the Controller

    Upload for Latest Version, no Looking for Backups or Lost Comments

  • High Density Terminals

    Fast plug in/out 4 core blocks with 0.14 to 1.5mm2 for easy wiring systems

  • On-line Replacement

    Hot swap I/O cards avoid wiring disturbances and operation

  • Special Purpose I/O

    Motion, IO-Link, Power Monitoring, & Integrated SIL3 Safety

  • PROFINET Remote I/O

    Integrated MRP Master/Client Redundant 1GB Real Time I/O

  • Advanced Cyber Security

    Achilles Certified with TPM, Secure FW, SW Firewall, ACL, & OEM Lock


Extended IO options

Traditional 24VDC or 240VAC discrete digital and analog IO with wide input specifications, inbuilt diagnostics and 16bit high resolution


Interfaces for a variety of protocols and machine control devices for industries including manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, water & wastewater, food & beverage and renewable energies


High performance motor control, position and feedback supporting SSI, Encoder and RS422

Power Monitoring

Monitor power consumption and quality for improved machine efficiency and life

Integrated SIL3 Safety

Integrate basic machine safety functionality for improved operator safety and increased machine productivity

Network IO



Out of the Box

Achilles Level 2 Certification

Availability IO

Profinet ring redundancy I/O devices


Wide Operating Range

Rock-solid PAC
Machine Runtime

Proven platform for the future

PAC Machine Edition Professional Development Suite

One comprehensive toolset to configure control and HMI applications for PACSystems, PACsafe, PACmotion, VersaMax, RSTi-EP and QuickPanel devices.

  • IEC61131 Five programming languages
  • Fully backward compatible with old hardware
  • Integrated environment
  • Flexible project structure
  • Scalable pricing models
  • Built-in change management client
  • Troubleshoot across multiple PLCs
  • Boost productivity with reusable modules
  • Leased, locked or USB key licensing
  • Supports virtual machine environments
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Scale from Small IIoT to
Full Plant Control and Monitoring

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Simplify Development

Open, modular and flexible .NET framework SCADA with high availability historian & I/O data server

Exceptional Graphics

Create GEOSCADA maps and dynamic vector 2D and 3D graphics with high-quality libraries

High-Level Security

IEC 62443-3-3 compliance for deployment in automation, building, power and IoT industries

  1. Menu and Toolbars
  2. Workspace
  3. Project Explorer
  4. System Log Explorer
  5. Command Explorer
  6. Animation Explorer
  1. XML Explorer
  2. Symbols Graphics Library
  3. Editor VB.NET
  4. Properties Window
  5. Toolbox with Preconfigured Objects
  6. Graphic Effects and Styles Applicable to Objects


Augmented Reality

Pro.Lean OEE Templates and Calculations

Process and Manufacturing

Pro.Energy Templates and Calculations

Building Management

GeoScada Maps

Need hardware to run Movicon.NExt software?

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