Fuse Fittings & Bases

Fuse fittings and bases also known as fuse holders offer safety and protection in terms of a compact and simple solution for application of fuses as protective elements. IPD offers a wide range of HRC fuse holders including in-line fuse holders, ceramic fuse holders, porcelain fuse holders and more.

Eaton’s world leading red spot (RS) quality fuse fittings complies AS60269 Australian standards with voltages of up to 660V AC and has current ratings ranging from 20A to 400A. It consists of the smallest BS88 bolt-in fuse holders and has fully shrouded contacts for personal safety and IP20 degree of protection. It is made from tough flame retardant non-hydroscopic material with insulating sleeves to protect cable entry and an anti-vibration contact design.


IPD’s Safeclip clip-in fuse holders complies with AS60269 Australian standards with voltages of up to 550V AC and has current ratings of 32A and 63A to suit NS and ES fuse series. The fuse holder is moulded from tough flame retardant thermoplastic with integral DIN rail mounting, being panel mount fuse holders. Full shrouding, IP20 degree of protection and complete compliance with the direct contact electric shock requirements are some of its notable features.

Since these are clip-in fuse fittings, no tools are required for fuse replacement, and it comes with self-cleaning, self-aligning base contacts. Medium Voltage (MV) fuse bases have a voltage rating of 36kV with Ampere ratings from 1A to 200A.
IPD’s service fuse fittings have a voltage rating of 500V AC with Ampere ratings from 20A to 100A, where 100A are suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. Its front wire and back wire can be installed with intrusion barriers if required. Mersen’s modular fuse fittings have a voltage rating of 690V AC and are available in 32A, 50A & 125A ratings. It is DIN mountable to standard DIN profiles and complies with the IEC269-2 standards.
Mersen’s in-line fuse holder comes in single and dual pole and has a voltage rating of up to 1000V AC/DC and complies UL/CSA standards. Traction fuse fittings BS pattern 1200V AC traction fuse-links from 2A up to 400A, DIN square body 1200V AC from 2A up to 500A and US ferrule 1500V fuses and bases up to 63A.
Browse our range of in-line fuse holders, including ceramic and porcelain fuse holders or HRC fuse holders below. If you would like to find out more information about our fuse fittings and bases, get in touch with us on 1300 556 601 today.
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