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Product Code: 101127038

Explore the Schmersal IFL Series Inductive Proximity Switch, a robust sensor designed for precision and durability. This compact, metal-encased sensor features a 15 mm sensing distance and is equipped with an M30 ISO thread for easy installation. Engineered for DC 4-wire systems, it operates within a voltage range of 10 to 30VDC and supports up to 200 mA load with a switching frequency of 100 Hz. The switch includes a normally open (NO) contact output, delivering digital signals at 1.2 V and 0.2 A in p-type configuration. It's built to withstand inductive interference and offers protection against polarity reversal and electrical surges, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. With an operating temperature range from -25°C to 70°C and an IP67 rating according to IEC/EN 60532, this proximity switch promises consistent operation under various conditions. The unit also features status indication for real-time monitoring. Trust in the Schmersal brand for your position sensing needs with this miniature yet powerful inductive proximity switch.

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