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An Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is an electrical device used to provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection for electric circuits over 800A. Globally, electrical power distribution is evolving faster, where energy efficiency, connectivity and smart grids are significant new trends. IPD has ABB’ multifunctional SACE Emax 2 Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) to meet these new trends that satisfy new applications and market requirements. High performances are always guaranteed with the cutting-edge EKIP architecture, allowing full customization of your device making SACE Emax 2 Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) evolve during their lifecycle.

The SACE Emax 2 Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) are designed to be used in vast range of applications used with transformers, motors, and drivers. The SACE Emax 2 range is available in current ratings from 800A to 6300A at an operating voltage of 690VAC for automatic and non-automatic Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) in fixed and withdrawable versions.

The SACE Emax 2 Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) comes in four compact dimensional sizes, complies and is certified with class 1 active energy measurement in accordance with the IEC61557-12 standard, and ensures high performances with triple marking certifications (IEC, UL, CCC). Optimized control is achieved due to state-of-the-art functions such as load shedding, power controller, Embedded ATS, interface protection, synchro-check logics, and adaptive protection. Ease of use is ensured, thanks to the eight communication protocols leading to perfect integration and remote connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

40°C is the base rating on all Emax Air circuit breakers (ACBs). Nevertheless, they can operate at higher temperatures in certain installation conditions, breaker types and frame sizes. For instance, the Emax E1, 800 A frame breaker can operate under full load up to 70°C. The Emax E3, 1600 A frame breaker can also operate under full load up to 70°C.  

Yes. As long as there is no electrical trip signal to the breaker, it can be mechanically charged and closed locally. This assumes that the reason for requiring to use this procedure is loss of control power. A circuit breaker that has opened under a fault condition should not be re-closed until the operator has ensured that the fault has been cleared. 

Yes. The Emax breaker offers a wide range of field installable trip units with upgrades to include communications ability, power metering and power quality monitoring. Simply remove the existing trip unit and replace it with the new one. 

Yes. The Emax electrical accessories are inventoried for field installation and were designed with this alteration in mind. All internal accessories are pre-wired and terminated with plug-in connectors for quick and easy installation. Most accessories also operate on both AC and DC voltages.  

Yes. All ABB power circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers are suitable for reverse feeding.  

Yes. Emax power circuit breakers are listed in accordance with UL Standard 1066 and ANSI C37 for operation at their rated continuous current. 

No. The ABB Emax Air circuit breakers (ACBs) are constructed with heat treated steel leaf springs within the fixed cradle. These springs permanently maintain the required tension on the jaw connections. 

Yes. The shunt trip and closing coils of the Emax circuit breakers can be continuously powered without damaging the device.   

Yes. With the standard cable interlocking systems all frame sizes of the Emax circuit breakers can be mechanically interlocked. As well as interlocking all frames, the cable interlocks can also interlock fixed breakers with withdrawable breakers.  

Yes. All auxiliary contacts provided with the Emax circuit breakers can be reconfigured for either normally open or normally closed operation.  

Yes. While the front of the breaker is accessible with the door closed, the racking rails and components are behind the door when it is closed. This allows the operator to rack the breaker in and out with the door securely fastened.  

Neither. The Emax breaker is an Air Power Circuit Breaker.  

No. The fixed parts for withdrawable circuit breakers are common to each model, regardless of the rated current and interrupting capacity. This commonality of parts minimizes the need for an extensive spare parts inventory.  

Yes. The Emax Air circuit breakers (ACBs) has many options for added contact configurations. 

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