Fuse Switch Disconnectors up to 1,250A

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ABB OS160GD12P FUSE SW. 160A 3P 75kW DIN-TYPE NH000,00

Product Code: OS160GD12P

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Fuse switch 3P Ith=160a, AC23A(415V)=75kW, AC23A(500V)=90kW, AC23A(690V)=132kW, fuse size=NH000,00 DIN-type mechanism between poles, front operated c/w pistol handle and shaft IP65

Technical Specifications

AC23 415V (kW) 75
AC23A 500V (kW) 90
AC23A 690V (kW) 132
DIN Fuse Size 000, 00
No. of Poles 3
Open Air Thermal Current (Ith) (A) 160

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