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Product Code: 101147090

The Schmersal BN325 series magnetic reed switch is a robust positioning sensor encased in a thermoplastic housing, designed for industrial applications. This rectangular switch features a spade connector and a flat plug-in terminal connector measuring 4.8 mm, complemented by two shielding plates for enhanced durability. It offers front actuation with a bistable contact switching element, accommodating an actuation distance ranging from 5 mm to 55 mm. Engineered for reliability, the switch supports a maximum switching voltage of 250 VAC and can handle currents up to 3 A with a maximum switching capacity of 120 W at a frequency of 300 Hz. The reed contacts ensure precise operation, although actuators are not included and must be purchased separately. Suitable for use in varying environmental conditions, it operates within a temperature range of -25°C to 70°C and maintains an ingress protection rating of IP40, safeguarding against solid objects larger than 1mm. Whether you're integrating into existing systems or developing new ones, this magnetic reed switch from Schmersal delivers consistent performance where precision sensing is critical.

Technical Specifications

Degree of Protection IP40
Maximum Nominal Output Voltage AC (V) 250
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) -25
Mounting Type Threaded
Nominal Output Current (A) 3
Nominal Power (W) 120
Series BN325


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