Presence Sensing Safety Devices


Product Code: 101134031

The Schmersal BNS300 series safety sensor is a robust machine safety solution designed for industrial applications. This thermoplastic-encased sensor features an integrated safety monitoring module and integral system diagnostics to ensure reliable operation. It comes with a single opener and one safety contact, supported by four cable wires for connectivity. The actuating element of this sensor is a magnet, which simplifies installation and maintenance. With its M30 ISO thread, the sensor ensures compatibility with standard fittings. It includes a 1-meter cable with a terminal connector for easy integration into existing systems. The BNS300 operates at a switching voltage of 250 VAC, handling currents up to 3 A and has a switching capacity of 750 W, making it suitable for various industrial tasks. Additionally, the sensor offers supplementary signalling output to provide immediate status updates on system performance. Engineered for precision and durability, the Schmersal BNS300 is an essential component in any machine safety setup where reliability is paramount.

Technical Specifications

Degree of Protection IP67
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) -25
Nominal Output Current (A) 3
Nominal Power (W) 750
Rated Maximum Operational Voltage AC (V) 250
Series BNS300


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