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Product Code: 101056906

Technical Specifications

Actuator Type Swivel lever
Cable Length (m) 5
Connector Type Connector plug M12, 4-pole
Contact Material Silver
Degree of Protection IP67
Depth (mm) 19
Enclosure Material Glass-fibre, reinforced thermoplastic
Height (mm) 91
Latching Force (N) 20
Maximum Actuating Speed (m/s) 1
Maximum Ambient Temperature (°C) 80
Maximum Cable Cross Section (mm²) 2.5
Maximum Switching Current (A) 0.4
Maximum Switching Frequency (Hz) 5
Minimum Cable Cross Section (mm²) 0.5
Mounting Type Mounting flange EFM
No. of Safety Contacts 2
Number of Actuating Directions 1
Overvoltage Category 3
Pollution Degree 3
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV) 6
Terminal Type Connector M12
Utilisation Category DC-13 | AC-15
Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 400
Version Embeddable button - Front plate mounting
Width (mm) 40
Active Area Plastic
Actuating Torque (Nm) 0.15
Actuator Recommendation BPS 36-2
Actuator Type to EN 50047 B
Assured "OFF" Switching Distance (mm) 17
Assured "ON" Switching Distance (mm) 6
Bounce Duration Bounce duration in accordance with actuating speed
Cable Entry Without cable gland
Cable Note All indications including the conductor ferrules.
Coding Level According to EN ISO 14119 Low
Coding Type Universal coding
Colour of The Front Ring Yellow
Design Straight
Design of Control Element p-type
Detection Ability for Test Bodies @ V = 1.6 m/s 35 mm
Direction of Motion Head-on to the active surface
EAN 4030660000000
eCl@ss Number, Version 11.0 27-27-01-92
eCl@ss Number, Version 9.0 27-27-01-92
Enclosure Coating Material Nickel-plated
ETIM 6.0 EC000030
ETIM 7.0 EC002714
Explosion Protection Category 3D | 3G
Explosion Protection Zones 22 | 2
Front Ring Material Aluminium
Gross Weight (g) 21.494
Height of The Protection Field (mm) 1210
Housing Construction Form Cylinder thread
Installation Conditions Not flush
Integral System Diagnostics Status Yes
Lever Material Metal film
Material of The Cable Mantle PVC
Material of The Operators ABS
Maximum Bounce Duration (ms) 3
Maximum Electrical Power Consumption (W) 12
Maximum Fuse Rating 6 A gL/gG D-fuse
Maximum Holding Force (N) 2600
Maximum Leakage Current (mA) 0.5
Maximum No-load Supply Current (mA) 600
Maximum Output Current (A) 0.25
Maximum Permissible Installation Altitude Above Sea Level (m) 2000
Maximum Protection Field (mm) 10000
Maximum Relative Humidity 95%
Maximum Switching Capacity (VA) 120
Minimum Actuating Force (N) 3
Minimum Actuating Speed (mm/min) 60
Minimum Mechanical Life 5000000 Operations
Minimum Positive Break Force (N) 50
Minimum Protection Field (mm) 3000
Net Weight (g) 20
No. of Auxiliary Contacts 1
No. of Beams 64
No. of Normally-open Contacts 1
Number of Normally Closed (NC) Contacts 2
Positive Break Travel (mm) 2
Protection Class of Operating Resource 3
Rated Control Voltage AC/DC (V) 24
Rated Control Voltage DC (V) 24
Rated Operating Current (mA) 50
Rated Short-circuit Current (A) 1000
Recipient Terminal Connector Type Connector plug M12, 5-pole
Recommended Safety Switchgear SRB-E 301
Roller Material Plastic
Sealing Type Form seals / Lip gaskets / Membrane
Sensor Height (mm) 531
Spacing (mm) 50 x 50
Standards EN IEC 60947-5-1
Storage Temperature (°C) -25 to 70
Switching Element NO contact, NC contact
Switching Principle Snap action
Switchover Time Switchover time in accordance with actuating speed
Switchover Time (ms) 5.5
Tolerance 10%
Utilisation Category AC-15 230 VAC
Utilisation Category DC-13 2.5 A, 24 VDC
Wavelength of The Sensor (nm) 850
Width of Sensor (mm) 30
Wire Cross-Section 23 AWG
Maximum Reaction Time (ms) 20
Maximum Switching Voltage AC (V) 250
Minimum Ambient Temperature (°C) -30


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