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SCHMERSAL M2S 6610-10-KZ-2028 6.0MMICRO SWITCH 101128110

Product Code: 101128110

Technical Specifications

Contact Material Gold-plated Silver (AgNi 15 + Au 0.3µm)
Degree of Protection IP67
Housing Material Glass-fibre, Reinforced Thermoplastic
Maximum Ambient Temperature (°C) 80
Maximum Fuse Rating 4 A gG D-fuse
Minimum Actuating Speed (mm/min) 10
Minimum Ambient Temperature (°C) -30
Minimum Mechanical Life 3000000 Operations
No. of Normally-open Contacts 1
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV) 4
Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 250
Rated Operational Current AC-15 (A) 1
Rated Operational Voltage AC-15 (V) 230V AC
Standards and Approvals EN IEC 60947-5-1
Switching Frequency 30000/h
Switching Principle Snap Action with Self-cleaning Contact
Thermal Test Current (A) 4
Utilisation Category AC-15
Wire Cross Section (mm²) 0.75mm² (Diameter)


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