Motors can frequently require a large amount of energy when they accelerate up to full speed. A soft starter is used to reduce the inrush currents, useful if you want to protect your equipment, extend the life of your motor, and reduce motor heating with frequent starts and stops.

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MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) is an Electrical protective device, which is used to protect the electrical installation against overload and short circuit faults that arise because of excessive current. Wide current ratings and high breaking capacities, Manual remote operation, the ability to change the settings according to the applications are some of the key features of the device.
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Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers - SACE Emax 2

Designed to be a next generation multifunctional platform SACE Emax 2 Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) has become a true power manager through cloud-computing interfaces. Embedded with state-of-the-art connectivity capabilities, ABB has ensured that the circuit breaker evolves during its lifecycle and allows you to enhance the device even after installation. These air circuit breakers are particularly useful when used in low voltage electrical applications from industrial plants, naval installations, traditional and renewable power generation installations to buildings, shopping centers, data centers and communication networks.

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Designed to optimize configuration, ABB’s new range of contactors has managed to offer increased functionality and high-quality performance through reduced number of coils in their AF Dual AC/DC Contactors. The integrated electronically controlled coils offer multiple benefits over conventional alternatives with less product variants to simplify the customers’ logistics and cuts administration costs as well.

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